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Distilleries Canada/ February 8, 2019/ Application

No matter which digital mobile world you are connected to and no matter which preferences you have for spirits, there is an App for you !

There are many applications on the market, whether free or not, but they are often dedicated to a specific type of alcohol.  This can be advantageous for a single search, but if you prefer to have access to various options, Distiller is the one who can offer this complete selection.

In fact, you can use Distiller simply as a reference to search relevant information regarding a bottle before your purchase.  This will allow you to access not only a professional review but also consumer comments.  Most impressively, the App will allow you, the consumer, to rate the product by using a star award system.  You can also attribute your own comments which can remain private or can be shared with the Distiller community.  Certain superiority products will incorporate a more precise outline including details on colour, flavour, aroma and visuals.

Furthermore, you can easily and effectively keep track of your collection, your inventory, your favorites and your wish list. The App offers a bar code scanning function which enables you to create your list. Such a feature can be complex because of the millions of products available throughout the world and the profusion of product names, classifications, vintages, special cuvées, appellations which differ from one country to another. If the product is not registered and the bar code scanning is not an option, you can create the profile and enter the details. Hence, considering this can be a form of free advertising, we strongly suggest to all distilleries and micro-distilleries to reference their products.

More so, an extra customization function allows you to discover other options. Depending on the criteria entered, you will receive recommendations regarding suggested similar spirits or even recommendations on an unexpected product surprisingly getting you out of your comfort zone.

Although the interface is only in English at the moment, you can choose to take your personal notes in the language of your choice.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android !

PS: Do not hesitate to share similar mobile applications, as well as for Mac and PC, with us!

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