3… 2… 1… GO !

Distilleries Canada/ January 15, 2019/ Note

Distilleries Canada is born!

Born in my head yesterday, and online today.

To tell you everything, when the idea came to me, I decided to start by finding a name that works in both French and English, making it universal for the domain name. I had a moment of sudden inspiration when I realized the plural forms of “distillerie“ and “distillery” are one and the same.

After verifying online if “.ca” was available, I took my project further and began a website mock-up… Later, during my transaction to purchase the name, it was unavailable. After several unsuccessful attempts, I realized the unused site belonged to someone for the sole purpose of reselling it for profits !

Finally, after much thought this morning, I opted for www.distilleriescanada.com ; Voilà, a dream is born !

I will begin by focusing primarily on Quebec with a goal to offer a site covering the country as a whole in both languages.

As a consumer, you will find a complete list of thoroughly reviewed distilleries and micro-distilleries.

As a professional in the field, you will find a source of relevant information and the possibility of conveying information such as product launches and job offers…

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments relevant to my project. Cheers !


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