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As you know, DistilleriesCanada.com does not have for mission to comment on spirits produced in Canada, but to make all producers known ! However, we want to go further in our future approach by also presenting products without criticizing them.

We were invited today to a press tasting organized by Vins Fins l’Agence (which we thank for the invitation) which represents Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers in Quebec. Geoff Dillon with Adam D’Intino, the distillery sales manager, gave us a presentation of his company and a selection of different products. Several are available at the SAQ, others in private importation. For other Provinces, please contact the distillery directly to get the information about local distributors.

For the story, Dillon’s is one of the first micro-distilleries to begin the nation-wide craze now being, created in the Niagara region in 2012 by Geoff and his father Peter, with the idea of ​​using local Ontario products and produce from grain to bottle.

  • Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22, 40% d’Alc./Vol. : Made of 100% grapes, and composed of 22 herbs (juniper, lemon peel, coriander, angelica and iris roots, lavender …) made in a steam column still, unfiltered, very expressive, complex and endowed with a unique texture that places it between a classic gin and a gin dutch.
  • Dillon’s Small Batch Dry Gin 7, 44,8% d’Alc./Vol. : Made 100% Rye (10% is malted), it is made by steam and infusion of 7 herbs (juniper, coriander, lemon, cardamom, angelica, iris, rose hips). It is an unfiltered spirit of the London Dry type which makes it a perfect elixir for the elaboration of classic cocktails. It is powerful and long in the mouth with a predominance of lemon zest, juniper and mild spices.
  • Dillon’s Rye Whisky, 43% d’Alc./Vol. : Made 100% Rye (10% malted), distilled in small stills and aged in Bourbon casks, ⅓ in new American oak barrels, ⅓ in new Canadian oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years old. It is amber in color, the nose is powerful and racy, the notes of applesauce and orchard fruit waltz with those associated with aging (coconut, sesame, burnt barley sugar). The palate is creamy, powerful, with peat, white-fleshed fruit, toffee, celery salt and vanilla flavors. We find in this whiskey the assertive character of rye and a controlled oak.
  • Dillon’s Strawberry Gin Liqueur, 30% d’Alc./Vol. : Made from 100% Rye, with local seasonal fresh strawberries and herbs from the region. Intense pink color, the nose is precise and evokes in a striking way the ripe strawberry and freshly picked. The palate offers a perfect balance between fruity and floral flavors, sugar, acidity and bitterness.
  • Dillon’s Rose Gin Liqueur, 30% d’Alc./Vol. : Made 100% Rye, infused with rose bush and rose petals. Orange is a very aromatic gin liqueur with a complex blend of aromas and flavors. To drink as an aperitif or to make cocktails.
  • Dillon’s Peach Schnapps, 24% d’Alc./Vol. : Made 100% Rye, with fresh peaches from the region and cane sugar, with no flavor and artificial color. In a beautiful freshness, to drink nature or to use in cocktails or cooking.
  • Dillon’s the Professor’s Negroni, 18,4% d’ALc./Vol. : It’s ready to drink on ice or very cold with orange peel, made from Dry Gin 7, Sweet Vermouth and Professor Dillon’s Aperitivo Liqueur.
  • Dillon’s bitters : They are offered in different flavors, made on a base of wines from the Niagara region with spices, spices and fruits specific to each. They are of course made for cocktails.

Finally, Geoff Dillon and Whitney Rorison recently published a nice recipe book of cocktails and snacks inspired by the seasons. You can get it directly here Dillon’s Craft Cocktails Book.

That’s it, and if you are in the area, know that the distillery is open to visits. We invite you to check on the Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers website for all the details.

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Photos by : © Nemo [ photographe ] for Distilleries Canada

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