Infinity bottle

Distilleries Canada/ January 25, 2021/ Fait maison, Home made

It is a fairly common practice that more and more whisky lovers are doing, but it is possible to decline with other spirits of course, rum, cognac, tequila …

It consists in emptying the bottoms of your bottles into one in order to assemble them and thus create a unique and… infinite product, since as you drink it, you continue to feed it with others.

Be careful though, it is suggested to go with some logic if you don’t want to spoil everything. Before adding a new leftover, make a test in a glass of your existing mixture with it. This is all the more true if you have a wide variety of bottles, or if you are experimenting with gins, which can have very different aromatic ranges.

You can do this in an old bottle, but it can also be in a carafe, or even in a small oak barrel if you want to give your blend a little more woodiness.

Ideally, take notes of what you add as you go along, otherwise, there is also an App iOS and Android app that will allow you to track the evolution of your nectar, which can be described as a personal “blend”.

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