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If there is currently an explosion in the market for locally produced spirits, we can consume these as is, on ice or in cocktails. And it is in the latter case that the bottom hurts, because the majority of consumers will eventually invest a certain amount on a bottle of alcohol, but be content to mix it with products from the mass market that the found worldwide.

Here are some local brands, more artisanal production on which we will not make any taste criticism. We have our preferences, sometimes a type of product may please us in a brand, but for another genre we will prefer that of another brand … The choice may even vary depending on the desired style of the cocktail, so it’s up to you make your idea, the goal being to have quality products made in Quebec.

Besides these sodas, there are also concentrated versions, which can also be called syrups to which you will have to add a quantity of sparkling water. Some of you may have a machine for carbonating still water. In the things to know before buying these products, it is necessary to plan to use them regularly because once opened, they must be refrigerated to prolong their conservation. Don’t worry, you have time, but don’t think you can forget it for a year. Each product being different, read the instructions on their labels. Note if you are a little creative that you can also have fun using these syrups in homemade dressings.

Some of them also offer “bitters”, these famous bitters which enhance the taste of certain mixes. Some distilleries also offer their own. We let you discover all this on their respective sites where you will also find their points of sale.

Finally, there are also fruit and / or vegetable juices which should not be overlooked either!

Without forgetting the kombucha:

And maple syrups (not always rich on virtual communication, in some cases, we invite you to search by their names to find information on their products) :

Let’s not forget the aromatic garnishes such as dehydrated fruits…

Gin-T – QC / Beloeil

PS: If you are a producer not listed here, please let us know, we will be happy to add you as a reference.

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