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Distilleries Canada/ December 19, 2019/ Distillerie, Distillery

Although officially born in 2015, the Pirate du Nord micro-distillery, its owner-founder, André Trudeau, took the time to mature his project with the launch of his first Bootlegger Botanique # 3 for which we speak of course of juniper, but also of dandelion roots, rosehip and long pepper. The result is not aged in barrels, but “rested” on oak and apple wood.

Bootlegger Botanique # 7, the second product to be offered to the public (the numbers refer to the number of the recipe selected, currently 13), is infused with locally cultivated sour cherries, was launched today on December 19, 2019 directly at the distillery. This is a batch limited to approximately 2000 bottles.

Who says pirate says rum… The first born with Quebec spices and maple syrup, was aged about 2 years in re-roasted Jim Beam barrels. Due to COVID-19, the batch of 500 bottles went on pre-sale on the website on June 14, 2020 and flew away in around thirty hours.

Also note that the BB#3 gin has recently changed its visual, the label is now in the spirit of BB#7 and this first rum !

Photos by : © Nemo [ photographe ] for Distilleries Canada

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