Cask management

Distilleries Canada/ November 17, 2020/ Book, Livre

Matt Strickland, is since 2018 the Master Distiller of the Côte des Saints Distillery in Mirabel, Quebec. The owners have chosen him among many candidates from several countries, for his experience and expertise in their project perspectives. Matt is also a teacher, consultant and now a writer. Of course, all of this remains in the field of spirits production.

While many casks are aging different batches of whisky awaiting their maturation, the three products born since December 2019 (gin, cocoa liqueur, mint liqueur), are the recipients of several medals.

Recently, he wrote his first book for professionals, on what you need to know about casks for aging spirits, to gain a better understanding of the maturation process of alcohol. He covers topics such as the different wood species and their influence on spirits, how to select the best casks, but also the different maturation techniques in the world, blending, and even the maintenance or repair casks. In short, he offers us on paper, a great tour of the subject, which makes this book a reference.

Given the niche market it targets, it is not available in bookstores, with the exception of a few dedicated to the world of wines and spirits, but by clicking on the title, you can get it online: Cask Management for Distillers.

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