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Stadaconé is the adventure of three friends and colleagues who decided to embark on a field completely different from the one they were in, high technology!

The founding core is composed of Jean-Pierre Allard, President, Alexandre Thomas, Marketing Director and Jonathan Chrétien, Director of Operations.

The name was chosen after finding the location of the distillery in the Limoilou sector of Quebec City, near the Saint-Charles River, halfway between where Jacques Cartier set up camp when he arrived in 1535 and the Iroquois village of Stadacona. 1 kilometer separated them.

The bar in the tasting room-boutique is shaped like a boat to remind you of the history, but that’s not all, part of the visit is an immersive experience with riddles that transport you to the past in a very realistic setting.

The initial budget of $300,000 was multiplied by 4 by additions and surprises during the course of the work. The distillery is currently using a 1000-litre still nicknamed the “11” (their lucky number), and a second one should come and keep them company soon for the development of other types of spirits. If at present everything is made from neutral alcohol, it is likely that some future products will be made from grain to bottle.

On the production side, when it was launched, the team chose to arrive with 3 gins at the same time, each with a different personality, in order to satisfy the tastes of more consumers. Bleu is a boreal gin with fresh aromas of the undergrowth of Quebec. The Red is floral and fruity. As for the Black, it is an exotic gin. You will find descriptions by visiting the distillery’s website.

Note that the Stadacone distillery tries to work as ecologically as possible, and was the first (and still one of the few) to pay a deposit to people who bring back their bottles!

In addition to their trio of gins, the distillery has also produced the Jules Ernest of the Maison Livernois created by Baptiste Gissinger, who is co-owner, because of the safety standards that require production in an industrial zone. Another partnership with a new company is to come soon, but let’s keep a little mystery.

Crédit photos : © Nemo [ photographe ] pour Distilleries Canada

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