Distilleries Canada/ December 10, 2019/ Application

A wonderful App devoted solely to the universe of Gin who is currently marking it’s place in the sun. The interface is superb as it allows you to search for information on registered products, allows you to compose your personal list and include your tasting notes…

Unfortunately, although our Canadian law prohibits us from taking advantage of this option, a function is available on this App allowing you to purchase the bottles found in inventory at certain stores connected across Europe. Nonetheless, if you are a distillery, I recommend you register your products so it is completed correctly, but more importantly, because it can open doors for you outside the country. This will allow your current and potential new customers to directly find the information they require.

Instead with Distiller our big disappointment is Ginventory is dedicated solely to one variety of spirits and has no sister apps for vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila and mezcal, varieties of brandy and liqueurs & bitters. Maybe the company that developed it is working on the subject, after all, once the main structure is made, it’s not much to make derivatives.

In any case, fans of gin, you can download it for free on iOS and Android to try it and make your own opinion !

PS: If you ever know other similar mobile applications, as well as for Mac and PC, which are interesting, thank you to share it.

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