Distilleries Canada/ September 4, 2021/ Application, Tips and tricks, Trucs et astuces

Currently the GINferno app seams to be the worlds best Gin Tonic app in the stores.

Many Gin enthusiasts use an app we’ve told you about in the past, Ginventory, but unfortunately it seems to have been abandoned by its developers for a while.

GINferno has since been created and is constantly evolving. It already references about 5000 gins, 900 mixers (sodas, tonics…), 200 toppings and thousands of recipes.

The app also includes a large number of recipes and recommendations for perfect matches. You can save and rate your personal mixes, so you’ll never forget the recipes you love and/or hate 🙂 And much more… This makes it a perfect digital tasting guide.

This is the most comprehensive app dedicated to Gin today. It is available in English, German and Spanish at the moment, and French should be added in a future update.

You can download it for free for iOS and Android.

Distilleries are invited to contact the GINferno developers to submit their products.

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