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Distilleries Canada/ July 22, 2020/ Distillerie, Distillery

Well, let’s start with the bad news, even if the Maison Livernois is listed as a “Distillerie & Pub”, it is a restaurant that currently produces a gin, the Jules Ernest, but this one is not made on the spot!

The reason is simple, to imagine what a still is, it is like a giant pressure cooker, and therefore it can be very dangerous. Therefore, laws restrict their use only in industrial zoned areas.

However, one of the co-founders of the restaurant is none other than Baptiste Gissinger, the Master Distiller also behind Expedition Gin ! He elaborated the first batch of Jules Ernest in partnership with Menaud, the production was exclusive for the restaurant. Since then, the version available at the SAQ has been produced this time at the Stadacona Distillery, which is located barely 3 kilometers from the restaurant.

This gin is reminiscent of the South of France, it reminds us a little of a local thyme liqueur called Farigoule, which the juniper, lemon and lime Kaffir lime emphasize, then more subtly, ginger, lavender, Sancho pepper and cardamom bring their nuances.

In of its house gin, the restaurant offers a beautiful card of local and international spirits, and the place all in visible stones offers a very warm decoration which lends itself to a convivial moment to appreciate what we are going to consume.

Crédit photos : © Nemo [ photographe ] pour Distilleries Canada

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