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Distilleries Canada/ January 4, 2021/ Distillerie, Distillery

The new Distillerie Comont – Maîtres Distillateurs was just born in Bedford in the Montérégie region, and it arrived on the shelves of the SAQ just a few days before the holidays, with 2 spirits!

The young couple who own the distillery present themselves as “Maîtres Distillateurs”, and have the idea of producing quality products that will distinguish themselves from what exists, in a traditional way, from the earth to the bottle…

Like many others, the story begins with a gin. The base spirit is made from Quebec corn before being transformed into gin. This one is surprising, because it doesn’t resemble anything we don’t already know. The attack in the mouth is soft, but with a whiff of aromas that explode on our taste buds. The juniper of course, but also the cardamom brings a herbaceous side, we also denote a citrus freshness. Sumac and elderberry bring a boreal touch to the whole. The finish is peppery and lingers delicately.

While interesting, in fact, it’s their other product that eyes are on, as this is the first agave spirit fermented and distilled in Quebec. While you can verbally call it a tequila, because it is a controlled designation of origin that only a few regions in Mexico can use, it cannot be used commercially. Like all good real tequila, the Comont Distillery has made its spirit on a base of 100% organic blue agaves imported from the Jalisco region. The rest of the process takes place here. Again, the alcohol, which is reduced to 40%, is rather smooth on the palate, fresh, slightly herbaceous, subtly fruity… The texture is silky, and we have a nice finish. For a first try, it is rather successful.

Of course, it is planned to explore other facets of this type of product, such as aged versions, but for that, one must be patient because one cannot go faster than the measure.

Finally, the choice of bottle reflects the spirit of this latest spirit, the visual of the whole is well done, the words are well chosen… Bravo, it’s a great beginning !

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